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Passion !


We are actively transforming the future of marketing with cutting-edge data management technology, exhaustive data reach and digital marketing solutions. 

Uncompromised Quality !


We partner with various data vendors in order to bring the highest quality data for our customers.
​Data Collectors who collect, cleanse and normalize data from various sources. 

Hard Work !


 We are ever ready to face fresh confronts and challenges.

Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high.

About Us


We provide all round marketing solutions:



  • Email lists(B2B & B2C)
  • ​Event marketing services  
  • Data appending services  
  • Lead generation services  
  • Campaign management  
  • Marketing automation  
  • Database Management services  
  • Social media marketing  
  • Appointment setting​ 

Our Sales & Marketing Services include:


  Prospect Data Build: 

We use our know-how and proprietary technologies to build the right contact data on your prospects with all the data attributes that you need. More importantly, the data does not come from a canned, ageing database – we build the data specifically for your requirements. This means that you only get valid and valuable prospect data that is highly accurate. 


Database cleansing: 

Data ages and ages quickly. Bad data impacts marketing efforts and eventually sales ROI. We ensure reusability of your data by refreshing and cleansing it. We help synchronise data built from heterogeneous sources or merge databases if needed. We do all this efficiently using our research know-how and proprietary technologies. And we do this efficiently and in alignment with your sales & marketing plans.​​ 


Key Accounts & Sector Profiling:


We help our clients identify relevant audiences and expand their target universe of prospects. We support our clients by using our research competencies and zero in on the universe or segments that may have been hitherto untapped. We deliver relevant insights that help our clients make decisions that aid growth and profitability.


What Makes Salezlift Different From Our Competitor?

  • At Salezlift, we provide you with a mailing list that is accessible to decision makers across small and big business units with useful insights.
  • Our database is independent. We also build customized database, depending on our client's need.
  • When you buy a Marketing Mailing list from Salezlift, there are no added bills for you, apart from the amount that you pay on the purchase of our mailing list. 



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